Aug 10, 2018

Diablesse !

It is with majestic horns that I'm back today. On the menu, a dark but very light look for a hot begining of the month. Because there is no problem about wearing black in the summer ;-)

Something unusual on the blog, almost all the clothes come from the same brand, which is: Restyle. (Shop from Poland)
Usually I mix styles, shops, products quality"... I'm not afraid to build an outfit by mixing clothes and accessories that come from different worlds.
But not today!

This pentagram dress is one of the best-seller of the brand.
I saw it on loop over Instagram for over a year before I finally bought it too.
I'm not a fan of occult patterns but I love the general look of this dress. First for its empire style but also for its harnesses, its pretty neckline and the slight transparency mid knees. Only problem: the zipper.
Impossible to zip the dress completely. And of course, by dint of wanting to try, the closure broke! (After several weeks) It even broke the day I wanted to shoot this look xD (I made a story on Instagram)
So, as you will see in picture, I was forced to sew it a little bit, badly, and directly on me. I will have to change the zipper completely.

Despite this first unfortunate purchase at Restyle's, I bought these beautiful black horns the following month. And this time, nothing to complain about the product! And I think it gives more style to the look :D

It's a very simple outfit, without much fuss or customization. It's way too hot to wear tons and tons of accessories xD And this dress is self-sufficient, I think. It is also HYPER pleasant to wear. I really like the fluidity and lightness of the fabrics. It's a caress on the skin ^^
JI leave you as always with the video of the look. Feel free to comment via YouTube too.

Dress | Restyle
Horns | Restyle
Cuff | The Rogue + Wolf (Also seen here)
Sandals | La Halle aux chaussures (old collection) (also seen here and there)

What do you think of this total black outfits?
Would you wear horns?

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