Sep 12, 2018

L'incroyable mystère des paquets qui débarquent tous les ans

Today I come back, not with a Raving Rabbid costume, but with a mysterious Raving Rabbid shaped box.

At first glance, it has nothing to do with alternative fashion (even with a pink microbikini). I have always found it difficult to found gifts to others, without falling into something banal or foolish that will end up taking the dust in a corner. It is necessary to find a gift that the person is likely not to have, and if in addition you seek to take clothes in the "classic" fashion, you can quickly be mistaken given the constant changes of trend. It's hard to define a style in "classic" fashion.

What is good in the "alternative" fashion is that even if there are trendy within the counterculture (Mermaid, Harness, Unicorn or Overdress for example). If you know a minimum it is very easy to satisfy a person who has alternative style, so little that we look in recent collections.

After maybe it's just me, but I can easily find out what Darkrevette might like (yes, because if you had not figured it out yet it's Mr. Krevette writing to you right now). Often I try to find things who's not in his innumerable "Clothes-I-want" lists, even if in the end it makes him discover other creators or brands and lengthen even more the list of his envy.

One year, my birthday gift was to sleep in the middle of animals (lemurs) in a zoo, see the panorama that we had from the balcony of the lodge in the photo just above. Now, he's difficult to go above this level.

But I was at the origin of a look of end of year from Artifice Clothing (see here), the boots Steampunk / Pirate (seen by there) or the superb corset "bronze" of My Oppa (seen here and there) And the asymmetrical skirt worn in the winter Gothic look.

This year is the return of the bwa-bwa-box gift. Darkrevette loves Raving Rabbids, she draws all her drawings with a Raving Rabbid pencil. It's a box I made last year to hide all the presents (I've also crazy ideas).

There are 6 packages to discover, because the tradition introduced by Miss Krevette, is that I give him clues for her to try to find out what's inside. I do not know if she palpates them in my absence to help herself, but she has never managed to find for now.

Here are the few clues obtained by Darkrevette, will you find a gift?

1- They are all the same color.

2- These are not clothes.

3- One of the gifts is from France.

4- There is leatherette.

5- There are nails in one of the gifts.

6- There are no things from's wishlists

7- It's neither an animal nor a thing to eat.

8- There are sets among the gifts but can be worn separately.

9- There are chains.

10- All gifts can be used at the same time, without cheating.

11- Most gifts are multi-season.

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