Sep 14, 2018

Quand l’habituelle wishlist anniversaire devient une dreamlist!

As every year, approaching my birthday, I publish my tiny wishlist on the blog. However this time I got too excited and it became a dreamlist. Meaning that many of these things wont probably ever be part of my dressing room! (Yes, there are only clothes and accessories)
[Again, like every year: the photo of the article is a small ritual on the blog. I wear (or hold in my hand) the things of my previous wishlist that I've received. Today I don't end naked as you can see... I wasn't that lucky last year xD]

So there are prices that brought to tears and others where I don't lose hope completely. The work and the originality of a thing is sometimes a cost, that can be understood perfectly. I've also added items to "normal" prices so that this dreamlist isn't completely unreasonable.
In any case, it's a wishlist that is worth to be seen! I invite you to look at it in its entirety, I am sure you will discover something new :D

Cookie purse

Croissant purse

Ornamented fishnet tights
Lirika Matoshi

Wild Flowery, Rosy (limited edition) and Mermaid

Crystal tie blouse
Lirika Matoshi

Crinoline underbust
Alice Corsets

Art Nouveau complete outfit

"Wild Roses" complete outfit
Royal Black

Fox beret

Rabbit boots (removable)

Pleated skirt

Studded socks
Crazy in Love

Grey shoes
Crazy in Love

Ripped sweater
Crazy in Love

Western jacket
Dracula Clothing

Civil war jacket
Dracula Clothing

Automne princess mori outfit
My Oppa

Steampunk grey and tartan skirts
My Oppa

Marybelle bustier

MacBeth dress

If I had to choose only one crush among all I showed you today, it would be the 3 fishnet tights (yes it's not just one xD) from Lirika Matoshi. Her creations make me really dream, it's so poetic and artistic! I find it simply FABULOUS!
Of course I don't forget everything else, ideally I would take everything :D

And you, what is your favorite of this dreamlist?

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