Sep 24, 2018

DESIGN.ME : une marque vegan, cruelty free et gluten free qui sublime vos cheveux

It seems like you have shunned my previous article. I hope that Titi, Fraizy and Yoshi won't be upset about that xD
Anyway, I'm writing on a very different subject today: hair!

About a year ago I discovered the Canadian brand DESIGN.ME by chance on Instagram. Stamped with a "Vegan" and a "Cruelty Free" I told myself that I absolutely had to test its products.
So last May, I bought two things: a "" treatment and a "" volumizer that I took in 2 versions.
After 4 months of test I come here to give you my impressions about this brand created in 2016, which is more and more famous.

With regular bleaching - although spaced several months apart - my hair is damaged and in need of care. Because if it's too damaged the color won't be as beautiful and colorfull as it might be. Good and strong hair helps coloring. But it's hard to find the right care.

Reading that promised miracles (18 in number) and that it was suitable for any type of hair, I told myself that I wouldn't take any risk to try it.

1. Colour fade protection 2. Split end smoother 3. Breakage prevention 4. Free radical and heat damage protection 5. Revitalizer for hair’s natural protective layer 6. Protection against environmental damage

1. Detangling 2. Enhanced manageability 3. Reduced blow-drying time 4. Static reduction 5. Frizz control 6. Porosity control

1. Light conditioning 2. Shine and luster 3. Hydration 4. Hair strengthener 5. Enhances volume 6. Silky feel

The product in question is a cream that comes in a spray. It's then sufficient to spray your hair still wet, after washing and simply dried beforehand in a towel. I find the spray option rather practical and pleasant to use.
Since also serves as detangler it's great to apply just before the hair dryer step because the styling is then really easier.
The cream is scented, you will probably like it - like most people - but I hate perfumes. It smells pretty strong, even if after a few hours it disappears. (Or at least, the nose gets used to it) Fraizy is crazy about it! She eats my hair every time I use so if you have a cat, beware xD

So what about the effect of this treatment on my hair?

I will not make a useless suspense: I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! For the first time in my life, I really feel an improvement when I look and touch my hair. They are brighter, softer, less forked, the tips - although not cut in months - are beautiful.
I have rather dry hair by nature - bleaching not helping this problem - I find them much better hydrated since I use I no longer have straw on my head like sometimes happened in the past. (Which forced me to cut my hair)
I am really conquered! So I've already bought more sprays since this one is almost empty.
Rereading the 18 promises listed by the brand I am surprised to see that it works for many of them. And the icing on the cake is that these products are vegan and cruelty free! There is no gluten, sulphates or parabens either. even offers a smaller and convenient travel size to take with you everywhere.

Then comes the hair volumizers, always in the form of a spray, in pocket format. I took 2 of them to see the difference but I didn't notice anything xP So I'll talk about it as one product.
First point, it dries out the hair. This is what I dislike with these products supposed to give volume, it damage the hair. I was hoping that the vegan formula from DESIGN.ME solves this problem but I'm afraid it's inevitable.
So I use the volumizer very rarely, it's not a crush. I do not find it more effective than another one and about the volume it's always the same problem: it's not really a long term effect. It also works better for a hairstyle with ties than to give volume on loose hair I think. (Generally)

But hey, even if I have the same result I still prefer to use a vegan and cruelty free product.

To finish this article, you should know that DESIGN.ME also offers other products that I haven't tested. Especially the hairspray and a fast drying spray - always vegan of course.
I leave you with the link of the official website of the brand if you want to know more about it.

And I repeat it one last time, the really worth it!

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