Sep 19, 2018

Coolgift : un site qui déborde d’objets en tout genre !

Well, after the party, back to serious things... more or less. Today I introduce you a shop that offers lots of objects, from the most useful to the wackiest. You'll find something fun for yourself or an original gift idea.

To be honest, I didn't know Coolgift before they proposed me this partnership but I'm absolutely not disappointed with the products received... neither my cats ;D (I took advantage of the opportunity to spoil them a bit more, but I don't know if they deserve it)
I had the choice to test several things. So after a big crush on the shark-shaped cat basket it's all about useful objects for my blogging life: a flexible phone holder and a luminous halo for selfie.

First important thing, this accessory is very easy to use. I like when there is no fuss for nothing.
So just "pinch" the halo on the phone. (There is a small soft rectangular part that protects from pressure) There are then 3 levels of brightness. Just press the button on the back every time. (Then a cable is provided to be able to recharge it via the computer)
I made you a picture to show you the difference. We don't see a big change between the 3 lighting intensities on this version as you can see. And obviously, it gives a "flash effect".
There may be other ways to use it, such as compensating for shadows in the middle of the day or even taking night photos. It remains useful and very practical.

This accessory is very practical! It was thanks to that that I could easily make the Instagram live during which I unpacked my birthday gifts.
Rather than put the phone in balance somewhere this tool allows me to fix it more or less anywhere ^^ The clip can open up to 3cm thick, cons I don't hide that it's hard to open lol. But on the other hand it's reassuring. Once pinched it doesn't move at all, the pressure is there to avoid falling!
The top part is mounted on a ball that allows a rotation to 360 ° C, and that's really great! You can tilt the phone in every way imaginable. It can be placed in landscape or portrait format.
The handle is long enough and very rigid. Of course it can twist at will and in all directions to allow optimal use, but again you must be strong, ahah.
Of the two products for phone it's the one that I prefer.

I know that many of you will be happy to see Titi, Fraizy and Yoshi again on the blog ^^
They also played the guinea pigs by testing this great basket for cat shaped as a shark. And the first to adopt it was Titi. He's a big fan of everything that is fluffy, comfortable and who says new place to nap, said black big cat rolled into a ball.
Yoshi also used it but he prefers is to play with. (By eating its fins or pawing at the one who has settled inside x))
Fraizy, she always have the habit of hiding under things so when she goes in the shark she goes under the removable cushion. (It's also very convenient to be able to remove it for the cleaning)

In short, I think they really appreciate this new friend from the ocean. And personally I find it much nicer than a classic basket. It's funny and it can also use as decoration at the same time.

I really appreciated the 3 products received. The mail was well packaged, well protected and everything came in very good condition. This partnership allowed me to discover a new shop in which we can find lots of fun and nice things. (deco, electronic accessories, games ...) At the approach of Christmas it can be a good source of gift idea.

Did you know this shop?

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