Oct 9, 2018

Au clair de la lune…

It's with my two-colored hair that I come back on the blog! Some curls (something I rarely do because I don't like my curling iron and also because I'm lazy) and a nice little moon-shaped accessory in my hair.
Thus, this article is about this about this little clip.

It was offered to me by the online shop Accessoires Cheveux Chics, which, as the name suggests, offers lots of hair accessories. It goes from the headband to the clip, through the scarf, the crowns or the headband. In short, there is a little bit of everything.
I do not hide that we are far from an alternative style shop but by searching I've find 2 or 3 accessories for my liking :-)
Notably this famous lunar clip. (It also exists in gold) I had never wear this kind of accessory so it was a great discovery for me. I find this item simple and cute, I like this kind of discreet accessory. Then the moons have become unavoidable, hard not to have a crush.

To wear it, nothing complicated. Just open the hair clip to slide your hair inside and close it. My only apprehension was that with my very fine hair it would fall from my head but luckily it didn't happened. The jewel being rather light it doesn't slip.
However bad surprise: the part supposed to attach the accessory to the hair doesn't hold. I'm talking about this rod that opens - normally - only on one side, then to close. It completely comes out from the moon part! As you can see in my photos it’s broken. It barely holds in the hole reserved for it because the tiny rods in the form of pliers are spread and no longer face each other.
I didn't handle the jewel for a long time, it was still in its protection case before I tried to wear it in my hair.

So did I receive a faulty product
or are all the lunge clips so fragile that I would have to add a some glue?

I admit that it cooled me a lot. I don't like having to say bad things about items I received for free in a partnership but I have to be sincere first and foremost. And this accessory gave me a bad impression.
Note that I managed to wear it in my hair after 3 times. It didn't open itself, once on my hair, however, the moon broke again when I tried to remove the jewel :-/

So that's my experience at Accessoires Cheveux Chics. Maybe you're also familiar with this shop and maybe it was different for you?

Tell me everything !

Moon hair clip (silver) | Accessoires Cheveux Chics
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  1. It sucks about your hair clip. But on the bright side I'm so glad I found your blog! I've been searching everywhere for other alternative bloggers that still make content! :)


    1. Yes, it's too bad ! Aww thanks, I'm glad you like my blog <3 It is true that blogs are increasingly deserted in favor of social networks unfortunately.


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