Oct 4, 2018

Sieur Tartan

Ok, this time, Miss Darkrevette didn't let grow his beard. It's a look proposed by Mr. Krevette. This is the initiative on the Fashion Oddity group, (Darkrevette talk about it in this article), which "proposes" each month a theme to stage as desired with its means and imagination.

It was « Tartan » who won the vote for the month of September, in his latest look Darkrevette has just proposed its version with class. And in my turn, I told myself that I could also accepted the challenge. The tartan is a big part of my wardrobe, be it in Punk pants or classic kilt.

Fashion, it isn't my strongest area. But I like red and it shows, even if it appear that the cold colors fit me well. I paired my red and black shirt and my gray one with a very simple gray kilt. Because sometimes I tend to associate lots of flashy color together. I put the first things I see.

The harness is a totally DIY creation, handyman in the soul. It often happens to tell me in fact it's simple to made it and going on the unknown with more or less success. And for the harness, it turned out that it was not very complicated to do with two, three everyday tools. I think it gives a little more to the outfit.

As a bonus I copied an old Zombie Doll that Darkrevette had designed in 2014 to make it stuck to the outfit so I cheated on the drawing.

Enough of blah, I let you look at all the pictures!

Kilt | Tartanista
Shirt | iTailor
Harness | DIY
Shoes | New Rock

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