Oct 20, 2018

Collection Zombie Girl : les fards vegan !

Today I suggest you to discover the Zombie Girl eyeshadow collection from Concrete Minerals, in an Halloween packaging. I've had them for a very long time in my cupboards but I was waiting for October to present them to you.

This brand is obviously vegan and cruelty free and it offers a range of really crazy and very pigmented colors! I have been using Concrete Minerals for years now and have never been disappointed.
(As a reminder, I presented their products for the first time on the blog in October 2015 with the Sugar Skull Collection ^^)

So after a Calavera design with Mexican colors, it's a Zombie atmosphere waiting for you.

These "collection boxes" are made of six eyeshadows: 3 that you will have the opportunity to buy separately on the website if you have a crush on it and 3 exclusive shades. From left to right here:

The Vaccine – Graveyard (exclu) – Blood and Guts – Quarantine (exclu) – Nightmare (exclu) – Living Dead

To present those eyeshaddows I made swatches, pictures of the products but I also made also a small makeup including three shades. (Quarantine, Nightmare and Living Dead) I'm not a makeup pro, especially when it comes to wearing so many different colors but I tried to do my best.

I love all the hues of this Zombie Girl collection but my favorites are the 3 that I'm wearing. (Although I confess that I'm a big fan of brown of all kinds, it's an addiction xD) Nightmare is particularly beautiful and even though I am not a fan of pink I love the one who composes this assortment! And the green, well it's necessarily beautiful since it's my favorite color ah ah.
The eyeshadows are long-lasting and highly pigmented. They are just a bit tricky to work because they are very powdery. At least for someone like me who does not necessarily have a safe hand for makeup. (Let me also say that I used the pink on the outside of me eye just to fade the indigo, that's why you don't see it that much)

I hope you like the result as much as I do. I don't often wear such eye-catching colors on my eyes because I'm always afraid to fail my makeup, but this try makes me want to do it more often.

What do you think?
What is your favorite eyeshadow from the Zombie Girl collection?

PS: no need to tell you how much I love the packaging! (I mentally fight against pink and girly cosmetics)
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