Oct 26, 2018

Bleu électrique !

I normally planned to film a Halloween makeup, but after a conjunctivitis I have to postpone the makeup session to rest my eye. So in the meantime it's a brand new look that makes its entry on the blog!

Certainly the last outfit of the year without a jacket by the way. Although autumn has taken a long detour, it's now well there. But I was able to take advantage of these last moments of softness to shoot this steampunk-inspired look ;-)

The colors are perfectly seasonal, although I am indifferent to this aesthetic concern. And what I love above all else is this boyish style.
I myself have been a tomboy for a longtime, having grown up with 2 brothers, and this little girl who loved to climb trees is still there! I had a good time with this green ramp on the day of shooting, ah ah!

Anyway! I wanted to compose an everyday look, a bit chic and comfortable. But I especially wanted to wear this beautiful high waist vintage shorts. Everything was built around this garment, which, I think, has a lot of style.
And forgive me for bringing out this harness belt for the 3rd time this year, I'm always so tempted to wear it xD I love it.

I who wanted short hair lately, I took advantage of this look to wear this electric blue wig. And then it adds a bright color to the whole outfits. (We can never have too many wigs! xD)

Then as always, I also made a short video of the look.

Feathers | Mandzou
Blouse | Spin Doctor (old collection)
RQBL harness belt | from Fantasmagoria
High waist shorts | Voodoo Vixen (old collection)
High socks | Aliexpress
RQBL garter | from Fantasmagoria
Boots | Anna Field (old collection)

What do you think?

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