Nov 16, 2018

Mes petits nouveaux rouges à lèvres vegan…

At this end of the week (time flies, it's already mid-November!) I wanted to show you my three new vegan and cruelty free lipsticks from Blackmoon Cosmetics.

This is not the first time that I mention this brand on the blog, I had discovered it barely 2 months after its creation - in 2015, and as you can see today, I remained a faithful customer :-)

Although I don't often wear lipstick - on the one hand because it is not practical, it leaves makeup on all that the lips touch and it doesn't hold the day, but also because I don't like to put the focus on my mouth because of my crooked teeth - I love that and I'm excited to expand my collection. Especially when I know that the brand in question isn't tested on animals!

Blackmoon's lipsticks have a very nice little perfume, I still love their dark packaging and their color range is fantastic. I think that between 2015 and today they have redone their formula because the first two lipstick I bought have dried inside the tube with the years, which is not the case of those bought since 2016. And that's good!

So I add 3 little new to my drawers well filled. Harvest, a very sexy orange-red - Mourning, an effective nude and Bones a kind of white slightly tinged with purple pink.

My favorite is Harvest, I wanted it for over a year now. I love its particular hue. It's not totally red, it changes. It's lively and pungent!
Then comes the nude, because it's a sure value easy to wear and I simply like nudes colors.
In last place then, the famous Bones and its inimitable color. Initially it looked funny when I applied it on my lips, I felt like I was going to skiing. Then after a few minutes it shocked me less. I think that my porcelain complexion plays in my favor with this lipstick because it will surely not suit everyone. (Even if everyone does what he wants xD)

And for once, I didn't take any dark hue ahah! This is what I usually prefer but I already have several so I wanted to change a bit.

And you, which one is your favorite?
Do you wear lipstick on a daily basis?

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