Nov 11, 2018

[ Shopping ] Mes derniers achats…

In this gray and rainy weekend (when spring is coming back?) I invite you to discover my latest purchases. I don't always think of doing this type of article so don't hesitate to follow me on Instagram where I always unpack my packages ;-)

Today you won't find clothes but accessories and makeup.
I am still inspired by clothes but the problem is that the brands are adding new stuff that are clearly not wearable in autumn and even less in winter. So I admit it's beautiful (I think for exemaple of the burgundy dress from Killstar) but I rather want to buy warm clothes right now.

1. « peach tea » wig – LUSH WIG

You will probably have recognized this wig that I wore for my halloween makeup ^^ (Seen here)
It comes from a shop where I bought for the first time, in urgency. I was looking for a short wig because all the ones I have are long, and I had a crush on this one. Its peach color was similar to the color I tried to do on my hair at the beginning of the year (here) and was almost invisible. I found a way to compensate, ah ah!
It's super sweet, it has a pretty shape and a qualitative aspect. (Received in a net and a zipped bag) On the other hand I have the impression that it easily loses hair here and there. To see over time.

2. Cat mirror - ALCHEMY GOTHIQUE (from Kate’s Clothing)

How not to fall for this beautiful antique cat mirror?
It really has everything to please. The baroque style very glamorous, a bit gothic, and a cat's face just adorable! What compete with my 3 hairy pets ;D
I had saw this mirror a few months ago but it was quickly out of stock at the time. (I wasn't the only one to find it very cute) So after a bit of patience, there it is, in my hands, and I love it! It's as much a useful object as a decorative object. And I, who dreams of having a rococo revisited "dressing table" at home, this mirror will find its place perfectly.

3. Bat garters – Aliexpress

We continue on the theme of animals with these two pretty funny garters ^^
You may have seen them on my Instagram on October 31? I thought it was the perfect day to wear them for the first time.
The back part is obviously adjustable and elastic. It's also - of course - in faux leather. They clip to stockings or high socks, which I find very cute. There is both a sexy and childish side, which is quite me lol. On an outfit it's the accessory that will bring the touch of fun and originality. I can't wait to compose a look with these little wonders.

4. Vegan nail polish – Il Etait Un Vernis

I recently expanded my collection with beautiful vegan nail polishes from IEUV. The two founders of the brand have unfortunately announced the closure of the shop so what's left is in promo. If you want to enjoy it hurry up, there are only 15 choices of nail polishes left on the website and they are only at 4.99 €, a bargain.
For my part I'm very sad to hear that IEUV can't continue the adventure because I only buy my nail polishes at their shop for several years now. I was very fond of their products, it was one of my first vegan cosmetics discoveries and I was proud it was also a French brand. (I hope that they will come back one day with new and beautiful nail polishes)

Well... here is the name of the 8 nail polishes I bought (from left to right): 50% sparkly 50% fairy dust, Mintastic, Rainbow and back, Girls night out, Love radioactive, Farewell party, Silver lining and My unicorn made me do it. (I didn't do swatches for lack of time, sorry)
I believe that if I do the accounts, I must have in my possession 26 IEUV nail polishes + 1 top coat, a peel off and a nail care. (I must also have the little nail file ah ah) It's a great collection.
And I love the new ones I bought. The blues, blue-green and purple are my favorites as always. These are my favorite hues. But I also love the peps of the orange and the different grays.
Il Etait Un Vernis is a brand of quality that never disappoints.

5. Vegan nail polish – Avril (from Aya Nature)

The announcement of the closure of IEUV pushed me to look for another vegan brand. So I tested a nail polish from April which I already know for their skin products. That's the white you saw on my Halloween nail art, here. It takes several layers to be opaque but it holds pretty well in time.

What do you think?
A favorite in this list?

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