Mar 9, 2019


On this Saturday we end this winter sales journey with the third and last video. It will be a little shorter than the second video and we continue with alternative shops and even more cool clothes!

Pants, dresses, tights ... varied styles and unexpected clothes, even for me!
As I often say on the blog, I buy things by having a crush on it, I do not formalize. If a garment pleases me - no matter what it is - I wear it without asking any questions. This is what happened with some purchases of the third video that I don't know yet how I will wear / accessorize them to make them my own.
Everything can be diverted, it is only a matter of composition. But I do not tell you more and let you discover for yourself ;-)

Good viewing !

Detail of the purchases presented in the video :

rougegorge lingerie NICKY BLACK TIGHTS (-50%)

What do you think ?
What clothes have you preferred since the first video?

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