Mar 18, 2019

Achetez mes dessins sur RedBubble !

Hello everyone ! As I said in my video, 2018 Year in Review, one of my goals for 2019 was to register on the RedBubble platform to sell my drawings in a variety of forms.
So, here we are. I signed up a few days ago and started sending some of my "works" as they say there. As much to tell you right now that it makes me all funny to see them in simulation on t-shirts, cushions, notebooks and others. But it's also fun. (On the other hand I feel tiny in the middle of all these artists ... X_X)
Anyway. As you will notice, there are not many drawings yet because it takes a lot of time to do, so it's coming little by little. (It is necessary to make the settings on each support on which I wish to make them appear)

Moreover, if ever there is a specific drawing that you would like to be able to get via RedBubble let me know in comment ;-)

About the prices, know that I only get 25%! I do not set the amount, it is up to the website to do so. The only thing I can change is my percentage of income. But, the more I increase it, the more the prices will be expensive for you. And a t-shirt at 50€ would become a bit ridiculous I think :-/

But if you want to support my work as a blogger and illustrator (which takes time but also money) it is now a good way to do it.

A section dedicated to the sale of my drawings has been added to the blog so that it is permanently visible. (On the home page, left) It's pretty intimidating to get into it but I hope it will interest some of you.

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