Apr 29, 2019

Crazy In Black…

For the look of the month (yes, it's still in time :D), I'm wearing a dress that was generously offered by the shop Crazy In Love, more than a year ago.

I didn't have the opportunity to shoot it, but I've already worn it a lot of times!
What I like is the comfort, the string detail on the neck (which is not an accessory I added) the hole in the shoulders as well as those at the bottom of the sleeves for the thumb. I rarely resist this last point on a garment, lol.

In addition, you should know that Crazy In Love shop makes everything locally, not in Asia. I think it's a nice thing.
They sell their items alongside the great brands such as Punk Rave, Banned or RQ-BL and surf on the current Gothic trends. Their designs are rather refined and made in one size.

As I am extremely thin we can see that at the opening on the shoulders for example, the fabric yawns a little. But nothing too akward. (I usually wear XS)
With a beautiful belt to give more shape and good accessories, this little black dress is very cute. You could even wear it with a petticoat below for a more lolita look ^^

For those who follow me on Instagram you've seen my recent purchases on Aliexpress, including tons of tights! The one you see today is then part of my new rock'n'roll tights. I like his round pattern.

Note that the hat I'm wearing belongs to Mr. Krevette :D (Yes, I'm not borrowing only his shirts, lol)

As always, here is the little video of this new look.

Hat | Asos
Dress | Crazy In Love
Belt | Restyle (old collection)
Tights | Aliexpress
Glasses | Disturbia (épuisé)
Purse (actually a wallet ^^) | Iron Fist
Boots | Eram (old collection)

What do you think?

How would you have worn this little black dress?

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