May 12, 2019

Xiao O Store : découverte d’une boutique Aliexpress

On this sunny Sunday, I prepared a shopping video entirely dedicated to an Aliexpress shop for which I had a crush and at whom I made quite a few purchases.

I found it interesting to tell you about an Aliexpress seller when you know that this type of website doesn't always have a good reputation. So, of course, you can find anything and everything - both in terms of quality of the products sold and salesmen themselves. Some are more serious than others just as some things sold will be more qualitative than others too. Ditto for the prices. Aliexpress may be famous for its minimum prices (there are many things for less than 10 €) there are also more expensive products, as well as any shop.

So today I present you dresses / nightgowns / vintage-inspired dressing gowns from Xiao O Store!

Dresses and dressing gown | Xiao O Store – Aliexpress

What do you think?
Is it a style you would wear?

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