Apr 7, 2019

A fond la forme !

Sunday article, which should have been published yesterday, but quite frankly ... I just forgot. But here we go today, and for the very first time on the blog, we will talk sport! (Well, more or less)

I told you in my vlog 2018 bilan that I wanted to go back to sport this year. I needed to tone up my body, which I found more and more flabby. I also wanted to find back my silhouette of the time I was excercising more or less regularly. Working my butt and belly.
But as I said in this vlog and on Instagram lately, it is difficult to motivate yourself at home. So, to help me keep the good pace that I managed to take for over a month, I bought myself new sportswear ^^ (It's stupid but it helps every morning to have the choice of the outfit, and also saying to myself that I haven't buy all this for nothing)

Before, I only had 1 black leggings (which you see on the first image, and that I would not present because it's an old item) and a sports bra with staples in the back. It turned out that the bra was awkward for the postures on the ground, because the back pressed against the staples. So I opted for seamless items this time.

1. Yoga sports bra

This is the first one I tested because I like its cut and its length.
So I do not know if this is the case for everyone but for all the sports bra that I present today, you have to contort your body a bit to put them on. These are clothes without opening and very fit to the body so I admit that at the beginning it is not obvious. But once the sports bra is put in place I feel good inside. The straps are slightly adjustable - like on a bra. And the most important thing is that my chest is well protected / maintained.
I like its color, although there is silver glitter ... let's be crazy!

2. Pilate’s tank shirt

This little tank shirt is SO comfortable! It's like putting on a tiny, super-light plaid on your skin. I really want to sleep with it, so much that fabric is nice xD (To wear over any sports bra) I have not yet tested it in condition because I'm afraid of being too hot for the moment but in fall it will certainly be useful.

3. Integrated Fitness Tank Top and Bra

So this article, although comfortable when worn and with a very nice back, is anything but practical! As the bra is sewn to the top tank top, it's difficult to put on! You already have to understand how to put everything back in the right place, and then, wear the two sets by the right holes! (The back is a hodgepodge) I would have preferred that the two parts were not sewn together because it is a nightmare.

4. Cardio fitness sports bra

This one is a short bra. I wondered if the elastic part just under the chest would be awkward or if it would come back on the breasts during the effort but not at all. It is very comfortable too and offers the same support as the longest one. There is no way to adjust the straps on the other hand, be careful when choosing a size. It's an elastic part but it still has its limits. And finally, I love the back on this item too!

5. Pilate gym leggins

This leggings baffled me with its mainly cotton material. I'm used to its thicker textures made for sweat and I admit that I wonder what happens if I sweat in this one. I have not tested it yet. (I bought 2) It's a finer leggin, hence the fact that it is recommended for soft sports activities I think. This is not done to do a marathon! The downside is that you see the mark of the underwear, so at home it's fine but outside it would embarrass me a little.

* * *

So that's my last shopping spree! It is probably less alternative than usual but it helps me to motivate myself in the morning when I want to do some sports. The "choose my outfit" step makes me start on the right foot ^^
And I think that having the right "material" also helps to do things right. In the past I was doing sports with old clothes, not necessarily adapted, and I hurt my breast. Hence my search for sports bra that protect and maintain well, because it is very important when making movements.

And of course, Décathlon stores - very famous, offer a wide choice in sports equipment.

Do you do sport too?
If yes, which one or which ones?

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