Mar 28, 2019

Promenons-nous dans les bois…

It's time for the look of March! And this time again it is my entry to the Oddity Challenge of the month, on the theme "Witchy". (In February it was the stripes) Well, actually it's mostly a happy coincidence because I really wanted to shoot this dress and make an outfit in this style ^^'

Initially I thought about making an elaborate makeup to enter this new challenge, but with my recent health concerns which I told you on Instagram, I didn't have the courage. Instead it will be X-ray of the back and neck plus physiotherapy sessions, lol.

But no question to cancell a shooting!
So, to stage this outfit we went into the woods, near an abandoned house for the "creepy" vibes :D And Mr. Krevette made some talismans with tree branches and rope, that you can see on some photos ... a real plus for a "Blair Witch" atmosphere! (Amazing movie by the way)
We were both inspired by the place and by the "dark" theme of the photoshoot and my outfit.

You will have probably recognized my black and purple Spin Doctor maxi dress that I had bought at Belldandy during sales. It's just perfect! The length stops just on my feet, without heels. It is also super comfortable.
I adorned it with a satin black underbust to mark my waist and add a little something to the outfit but this item is disappointing because it's straight and doesn't have this hourglass shape that you're looking for when you want to mark your waist.
I also wear a lot of jewelry, which is rare! Two Restyle necklaces and Rogue + Wolf rings, all found at My Spooky Vanity. On a lunar theme, because I love that.
At my feet - even if it does not show - I wear my studded ballet shoes from Crazy In Love and on my head a hat, also studded, that Mr Krevette offered me for my birthday :-) For the rock'n'roll touch!

I have already shoot multiple "witchy" outfits on the blog but I always try to do something different, so do not hesitate to tell me what you think of this new version ^^
And to make you a complete opinion, here is the video of the look.

Spin Doctor Dress | Belldandy
Underbust | Aliexpress
Restyle Necklaces | My Spooky Vanity
Rogue + Wolf Rings | My Spooky Vanity
Ballerinas | Crazy In Love (out of stock) (already seen here)

Would you wear this look?

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