May 31, 2019

Tenue gothique pour un baptême…

As I told you in my previoust article, I was recently invited to a baptism. So before D-Day, Mr. Krevette and I went to photograph our respective outfits to show you on the blog. (Without all the family in the background xD)

So I open the ball with my Gothic look. A lot of black, lace, and a beautiful turquoise and gold underbust to add a bit of color!
I imagine that, socially, many people would reproached me for this choice of outfit for a baptism, but my entourage knows me and is probably not surprised at my dress style... at least I hope :P

What I love above all is the Killstar dress I bought during this year's winter sales! The cut at the neckline and shoulders is just sublime! It is a black dress very simple but very detailed. And the lace makes it even more sophisticated. (I think I could not live without lace ^^')
I could have worn this dress with nothing else on it but I preferred to add an underbust. This is one of my favorites. I am in love with this turquoise adorned with gilded floral motifs. I think it contrasts well with the dress. And I didn't want a total black look.

On my feet, I wear my pair of winged pumps but you can't really see it. I wanted heels so that the dress does not drag on the ground and a shoe color that would be discreet under the lace. This pair from YRU ticked all the boxes, so I did not really choose it for its originality.
(The day of the baptism I wore ballerinas not to hurt my feet. * Cheating * I feel more and more reluctant to wear heels.)

Finally, as I said in the previous article, I wear a black and gold bindi for the occasion :-)

Before discovering the look of Mr. Krevette, which you have a small preview at the bottom of this article, I suggest you - as always - a small detailed video of my outfit. Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel if it's not already done ^^

Good viewing !

Dress | Killstar
Underbust | Corset Story (old collection)
Shoes | YRU (white version)

What do you think?
For which occasion would you wear this look?

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