May 22, 2019

Le Bindi : mon nouvel accessoire préféré !

As you will understand from the image that illustrates this article we are going to talk about Bindi, this little accessory that adorns my forehead, and comes straight from India.

But above all, a bit of history...

The bindi, tilak, tika or pottu is a mark worn on the forehead by Hindus. "Bindi" comes from the Sanskrit word "bindu" which means "gout". Traditionally it is applied with red kum-kum powder and symbolizes the third mystical eye of a person. It is a symbol of conscience, good fortune and festivity.
Today it has been replaced by the sticker bindi and there are different colors, shapes and sizes. Vermilion is traditionally used for bindis because it represents "Shakti", that is, strength. Red was then associated with the ritual sacrifices of offering blood for the goddess. (Replaced today with offerings) It also symbolizes love. In the north of India, married women wear a bindi (they do not wear it anymore once widowed) while in the south, even little girls decorate their forehead with this accessory which becomes a "fashion" object . Finally, among men, a mark on the forehead can designate a membership in a religious group.

That's it to summarize.


Obviously, wearing a bindi has no special meaning for me. I use it as a fashion accessory because I always found it beautiful. In general I find that there is a lot of aesthetic wealth to discover about India. The bindi is just one example.
So I decided to wear it "everyday", at least, when I put my nose outside. (At home it's more like a pajama party!)

I knew bindi since my childhood, growing up in a cosmopolitan city. I also had several friends of Indian origin, whom one of them, had already made me try this little accessory. It's a great way for me to embelish a face. Just like a piercing finally. (Needles less ^^)

My purchases…

Being invited to a family party very soon I wanted to go ahead and buy some bindis. For reasons of speed I turned to amazon. (In the future I might buy somewhere else... I'll have to do some research) The choice was not huge but I've been able to find many different shapes and colors. I wanted variety at a low price.

The brand is India Craft. I found the packaging cute and bindis were well packaged. The white packs are more practical because they are reclosable thanks to a tab while the blacks are stapled. I find the bindis easy to take off, however some bindis are more delicate to remove from the support because the decor that adorns the jewel is also taking off sometimes. This is the case of the orange circle that I wear in this article for example. The silver part tends to withdraw.
The biggest problem with this seller in my opinion is that we can not choose wich bindis to buy. You randomly receive some of the accessories shown in the image. I had a few crushes that are unfortunately not present in the packs that were sent to me. And in the white packages, I end up with twice the same package of six ! (There are 12 packs) There are some bindis so the color varies but for the rest I have twice the same assortment. It is clear on the website that you buy 12 packs out of the 18 presented but I thought to get 12 different packs and not twice six identical packs. Ditto for black packages, we do not choose the design, it's random.

The pose…

The longer the bindi is, the easier it is to wear up and position. It can be held without the fingers completely covering the accessory, which is the case with the smallest. The drop that I wear for example (which I tested first of all xD) is a puzzle to put because being tiny it is lost under my finger. I do not see what I do nor how it landed on my forehead x) But all in all I think it's a matter of practice.
The bindi holds well, it does not move once fixed but can be moved if badly positioned at the start. I can not judge for the moment the number of possible reuse but I was able to easily glue back all bindis tested for this article.

India Crafts :

What do you think?

Have you ever worn a bindi?

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