Jul 4, 2019

Steampunk un jour, steampunk tous les jours… ou presque !

It was way too long since I had not posted a steampunk look on the blog. All this because in recent months I mostly wear black, black, black and still black! (A habit that I dragg since adolescence ^^')

Knowing that steampunk is my favorite style, I'd like to highlight it more often. But I admit that this is not what I have most in my wardrobe actually. The logic ? None, ah ah.
Anyway. For this summer outfit (which was shot before the heat wave, at the end of the day, and in the middle of fucking mosquitoes) I suggest you something quite simple, easy to wear for everyday. (At least from my point of view xD)

The skirt is super comfortable and has an integrated bag. I don't know if I repeat myself but I have a passion for long cuts behind + short cuts ahead. I think it's so pretty! It's a way to show off your legs by being more comfortable than with a fully short skirt. Then it's also more original, it can compose interesting looks. The bag as for it is a big plus when you know that skirts almost never have pockets. In the steampunk universe we often play with this type of accessory a little nomadic and it has its practical side ;D
The boots I wear are no longer relevant with high temperatures but on the moment of shooting it was perfect. And it protected me a bit from mosquitoes ^^'
To finish I wear a corset on which I added a chest harness (camel color in theory but a bit too orange) which closes with a scratch! Yes, yes, you read well. The straps you see on the top are decorative. I was afraid that the holds won't be great but I actually don't see the difference, if not the speed with which I can put on and remove this harness! I valid !

There are few items in this outfit but it still seems stylish ;-)
On the other hand I must admit that I regret this pearl necklace, or at least the way I wear it. It was a light accessorie to remind the lace of the bottom of the skirt but I don't really like the result. Wich goes to show you that it happens to me to have misfires when I compose my looks...

I really like the atmosphere of these photos and the place I chose. I would have played more time in this abandoned space but I've been eated by mosquitos and it was difficult to hold the pose ignoring the bzzzzzzt around me!

Here as always the video! Feel free to go put it a "thumb up" directly on YouTube to support my work.

Wig | seen here
Corset | My Oppa - old collection
Harness chest | Aliexpress
Skirt | RQBL from Fantasmagoria or Japan Attitude
Boots | Anna Field - old collection (also seen here)
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