Jul 16, 2019

Manic Panic : Ultra Violet… ou presque !

First I make a small parenthesis to clarify (or re-specify if you follow me on Instagram) that at the time I'm writing it's been 6 days that I have mo internet connection or television. From where this delay ... X.X (And thus no tiny drawing in this article - which I nevertheless drawed - because the scanner works by wifi)

Anyway, let's talk better, let's talk hair! Here is finally my new hair color ;-) (As a reminder, the previous one was this split hair)
It's been ages since I hadn't dyed my hair with only one single color but I wanted simplicity. I admit that seeing me in the mirror, I quickly ended up finding this fresh head too simple for my taste, but I'm working on that! (This girl has blue hair and she finds that its hair need more originality xD)

As you can see in the picture, the color named "Ultra Violet" is totally "ultra blue". I thought to do a kind of cold purple, almost indigo (so a little bluish, certainly) but it's not that at all. The color on the French website of the brand, which you can see there, is very different from what it looks on my hair. Not only the hue but the darker pigmentation too.
I recognize that it is a nice blue. If it had been my intention from the start, I would have been more than happy with this new color ^^

I leave you on the video of the complete coloring process as well as the final result in motion! I also give you my opinion viva voce.

Ultra Violet | Manic Panic (Vegan)

Now it's up to you to tell me what you think!

PS: this morning I posted on my Facebook page a photo montage of all the hair colors that I've done in my life, including before this blog, so feel free to take a look and tell me what hair period is your favorite ;-)
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