Oct 25, 2019

Maléfique !

In this month of October placed under the sign of Halloween I told myself that a little "witchy" look, accessorized with my beautiful black horns would not be superfluous. Although this outfit is in no way a "disguise" for me obviously.

But to be frank with you, I hadn't specially designed this whole outfit for this month of October and I hadn't wear it with the horns, nor with the ginger wig at the begining neither. But since the Oddity Challenge of the month at Fashion Oddity obviously bears on the theme of Halloween I thought that this look could easily match. So I added a tiny "fantastic" touch, and finally, I find the shooting more interesting like that ;-)
There is no reference to the character of Maleficent! I know it's also the title of the article (Meleficient in french) but it's because I've already been told like that twice about this lol look. (And finding titles is sometimes a torture so...)

About clothing, I don't wear a dress but a blouse and a skirt surmounted by a underbust. Both top and botom come from Shein's, yes, yes! I created this romantic gothic look from pieces not coming from an alternative shop. The first impression would be to say that this outfit costs a fortune while not at all! Only the underbust is more expensive, it comes from Corset Story. (Again, I have not paid it very much, for my corsets I usually take promotions otherwise it can quickly be expensive)

It's sometimes enough to make the right matches to create a look ;-)

And of course, here is the video of the look :

Blouse | Shein (also seen here) similar here
Skirt | Shein
Underbust | Corset Story (old collection)
Horns | Restyle (also seen here)
Shoes | YRU (also seen here)
Wig | Black Candy Fashion (closed store)

What do you think?
Are you also fond of wearing black from head to toe? ^^

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