Oct 21, 2019

Miss Chauve-souris

Hello everyone ! Today I share with you a little makeup / Halloween look. I already posted it on Instagram earlier this month because I didn't think it would be interesting to put it on the blog but in hindsight I don't see why I wouldn't make an article here ^^

I find it probably too simple, not perfect, not to mention that there is no video or photos of the creation's steps. But no matter, the photos are cute so here they are!

My initial idea was mostly to make a bat eyeliner, as you see a lot on Instagram. It was the first time I did it so it's not as successful as I would have liked but the idea is here. Then from that I composed a little outfit with one of my bat garters I wear on the head. I wanted something simple.

I don't have the time this year to play with latex to create fun special effects unfortunately. But it allowed me to try to create something accessible to all and in simplicity. It's great ;P

What do you think?

Foundation + concealer | Kat Von D

Contour + blush + brows | Lunatik Cosmetic Labs
Wig | Lush wig
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