Dec 5, 2019

Oddity Challenge

Hello everyone ! ^^ Today I decided to publish here my participation to the Fashion Oddity's challenge of November on the theme of the "hat". I didn't necessarily think to do it at first but I liked the result and I find the pictures interesting.

I didn't film or photograph the makeup steps but here is where I got my inspiration: Vani.wnka. This person makes a lot of makeups like this, a bit Pagan, Aborigine. She is very talented and always full of different ideas. Do not hesitate to go see her Instagram account :-)

To come back to the challenge, I wanted to do something original. And the most unusual "hat" I have is my famous red panda hat. It is on this basis that I built my idea. Its "wild" appearance led me to achieve something "raw" with temper.

Makeup detail: :

Tools: Mehron body paint palette (vegan), brushes, sponge.

First of all, I did my makeup's fondation as usual (I use Kat Von D products) and then I came to color all the top of my face in black with my body paint that I applied using a slightly damp sponge, by tapping. You have to go step by step, in several layers. I used the same tool to color my neck except that instead of tapping I stretched the color.
With a stiff brush I used the same paint to bring out my eyebrows and redraw them well. I used the same brush for the black "drips" on my face. (A soft brush would be more difficult to handle)

Once the black parts finished I went to white. I started with a eyeliner. I wasn't sure I could do it with paint but the result is not bad at all! I added paint on my eyelashes as well. (after putting mascara to lengthen my lashes and so that the paint "hangs" better)
I made circles on my forehead using a stiff brush with a rounded tip, so circles were easy to make. Just by firmly putting the tip on my face.
The lines on my nose and my mouth are done with a flatter brush. (still rigid) To make the lines straighters I move my face instead of moving my hand xD For example I put my brush on the top of the lip and I raise the head gently to lower the line down. (I hope it's clear lol)
I end with splashes on my neck, simply by passing the thumb in the hairs of a brush.

Now you know everything!

What do you think ?

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