Dec 20, 2019

Steampunk Cowgirl !

I'm finally back on the blog with a new look! Between the very short days (lighting point of view) and the incessant rain of the past few months, it was difficult for me to be able to organize a photoshoot.

Fall and winter are not the most convenient seasons for shootings ^^’ But the good news is that it wasn't so cold for mid-December. And anyway, I was very warm in my Indiana Jones adventurous steampunk cowgirl outfit!
It's strange to see myself wearing pants (I'm addict to dresses and skirts) but I LOVE this outfit! It's practical and comfortable. The pants have a small bag which makes up for the fact that this long jacket has no pockets. On the other hand it's sublime :D The cut is perfect and the length too. (For me) I really like all the details of the collar, buttons, shoulders and the "worn" effect on the fabric. But I could continue to compliment this jacket for a long time, lol.
The cowboy hat you see on my head is an old thing that I have in my closet (offered by my little brother ^^) but that I hardly ever wear. It's a bit big on my little head and difficult to associate with outfits.

Anyway, I love this whole look!

The photos are really great, Mr. Krevette has found a great place that highlights my outfit I think! I really think we will quickly go back to take photos over there :D
As always, here is the video of the look. Please be indulgent, we had a brand new camera so there will certainly be things to improve once we get to know the material better.

Jacket | Steampunk Couture at Dracula Clothing (sold out)
Underbust vest | Punk Rave at Fantasmagoria
Pants | Punk Rave at Fantasmagoria
Shoes | Anna Field at Zalando (old collection)

What do you think?
Do you like this steampunk look?

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