Jan 18, 2020

Rétrospective : mes looks de 2019

So if I didn't do the blooper of the end of the year last month (lack of motivation to be honest) there is no way I can miss the "best look of the year"!

As you may know, in January I summarize the looks of the year that has just ended to find out which one you have preferred, and at the same time I display the outfit you had chosen in year before. (Are you still following me ?! xD)

Here is the look you preferred in 2018: Magie noire

It is therefore a very gothic outfit that goes up on the first step of the podium, as in 2015 ;-) Black is often a safe bet but having re-visited the previous retrospectives I could see that you were making varied choices.

Going back to 2019 you will have the choice between 10 looks. (it's less than in previous years so it might make things easier for you, lol) and as usual the styles will be varied! It always amuses me to review the outfits that I could shoot in a year ^^
Here is a summary to help you. You only have to click to see the photos of the looks corresponding to the titles. (Or go to the “mode” menu of the blog, “lookbook” section)

So what's your favorite of 2019? :-)

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