Jan 9, 2020

Manic Panic Ultra Violet : évolution dans le temps

Before I do an article on my new hair color (that the curious on Instagram have already seen) I publish here the famous article "evolution of the color over time" with the Utra Violet which was therefore blue.

I don't have many pictures and the video is short because - since I was disappointed with the result - I quickly recoloured my hair with something a bit more purple at the time. (A 2nd disappointment in the end lol)

First of all :

You must know that…

+ The color you get on your hair depends on the bleaching you have done beforehand. (Yellow to white)
+ The color reacts according to the nature of the hair itself
+ All semi-permanent hair color (brands) are not equal in terms of quality / pigments
+ Within the same brand, the colors can react differently on your hair (ex: fade more or less quickly)
+ The products you use for your hair can damage the color more or less quickly
+ Use cold water when you wash your hair

You’ll find lots of other tips for your hair colors or bleaching in the “Beauty” tab of the blog (“hair” section) and on my YouTube channel ;-)


As you will see in the video, Ultra Violet eventually turns into a pastel blue over shampoos. It remains a pretty blue, from the first to the last day, however this is not the promise of departure. Sold as a blue I would have liked very much this color and its evolution over time but as purple it is a disaster.
Too bad.

And you, have you ever been very disappointed with a hair color?

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