Feb 11, 2020

De velours et de clous...

The year 2020 begins with velvet and the timing is perfect because this is the theme that was chosen for the Oddity Challenge of February! So it’s finally a chance that I was unable to publish this look earlier because it was shot in January, between two rain showers ^^’

FYI, know that I have always hated velvet. When I was a child my mother used to force me to wear filthy corduroy pants (already old-fashioned for the 90s), and I never liked the look of this fabric. And however, I really fell in love with this dress from the brand Dark In Love that I bought at Blue Raven's shop.

I have the feeling of gently reconciling myself with the velvet even if it is with moderation. You have seen it everywhere for a few years now but I never understood its success, however, maybe on full moon evenings or so, I sometimes find it nice on some clothes that are an exception. But I repeat, these are only exceptions!
So I completely assume the outfit that I show you today even if it is a little cliché of the "nu goth of social medias". (Sorry for those who could take it wrong but after all, let's be honest)
Everything is there ! The velvet dress, the fishnet tights, the hat, the skull-shaped bag, the moon-shaped ring ... and I even went as far as patent ankle boots. Another thing that I never liked and for which I had a crush xD

Anyway. I let you discover this look in pictures.

If you follow my stories on Instagram you've seen the shooting location in more detail. Another great discovery that gives a lot of cachet to the photos and one more place to add to my list of favorites ;-)

And to finish this article here is the video and the detail of what I’m wearing.

Dark In Love dress | Blue Raven
Belt | Punk Rave
Skull handbag | Killstar
Cape | Asos (old collection)
Cowren boots | Zalando
The Rogue and Wolf rings | My Spooky Vanity

What do you think of this look?
Do you like velvet?

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