Mar 12, 2020

Herman’s Amazing : Galaxy hair !

As promised on social networks, here is finally the article about my new hair color! I obviously didn't forget to compile "the evolution of the color over time" that I had previously on my hair but the article will be done later.

Today I show to you therefore my galaxy hair (I want to call it that way) composed of 3 colors: the blue "Bella Blue", the purple "Pasty Purple" which I mainly use as a transition (that's why you barely see it) and finally the pink "Cynthia Cyclamen". A bold gradient that doesn't go unnoticed! ^^
I'm usually not a fan of pink but I wanted a change so it was an opportunity to try a mixture that is out of my habits. Over the years I have the feeling of having try all the colors sometimes x)
I am globaly satisfied with the result despite the fact that I had to re-dye my hair with the blue on the roots a second time. I can’t say if it’s me who didn't noticed the white areas or if it’s the color that was hard to take, so if in doubt I wouldn’t say anything.

Bella Blue: is a very intense color even if I was expecting something a little darker. However, I like the depth of this blue. And it's surprisingly bright for a dark shade.
Pasty Purple: gave me more hard time by its texture that I found too lumpy compared to other colors. The mixture clung to my hair, struggling to spread properly. Fortunately, the color is pretty.
Cynthia Cyclamen: is a pure diamond! Even I, who am not a lover of pinks, I applaud. The color is intense, bright, you see nothing else but it. And it's very pleasant to apply on the hair. It has good coverage and blends very easily with another color to create a gradient. If you love pink, Cynthia Cyclamen is for you!

That said, I'll let you see my coloring process video. Fell free to follow me on YouTube and put a thumbs up ;-)

What do you think of this galaxy hair? ^^

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