Jun 24, 2020

Herman’s Amazing : deux colorations vegan, deux évolutions dans le temps

As promised, I have prepared videos for you on the evolution, shampoos after shampoos, of my last two hair colors made with Herman’s Amazing vegan products.

First, to see how long the colors last, but above all, its way of fading over time. Because if some colors are very pretty on the first day, it can later takes on much less pleasant shades.

First of all :

You must know that…

+ The color you get on your hair depends on the bleaching you have done beforehand. (Yellow to white)
+ The color reacts according to the nature of the hair itself
+ All semi-permanent hair color (brands) are not equal in terms of quality / pigments
+ Within the same brand, the colors can react differently on your hair (ex: fade more or less quickly)
+ The products you use for your hair can damage the color more or less quickly
+ Use cold water when you wash your hair

You’ll find lots of other tips for your hair colors or bleaching in the “Beauty” tab of the blog (“hair” section) and on my YouTube channel ;-)


Rosemary Mauve: I like the color a lot on the first day, however it fades out quite quickly. Too much for the lazy girl that I am :P I think it's a shade that requires to take care of it and that needs to be redone quite frequently. (Every 3 weeks, spacing shampoo 3-4 days apart) But the big positive is that it stays in its original lilac hue. It doesn't turn blue or pink, which is often the case with "violets". I recommend it!

Rosie Gold: The color didn't really take from the start so I didn't see any change over the shampoos x)

Bella Blue: It’s a very beautiful dark and intense blue! It holds fairly well at the root and it's not ugly after washing my hair. I’m happy with the color, that’s what I expected. In comparison, it lasts longer than the two colors mentioned above and the Pasty Purple that follows. It's easy to not touch the color for a 1 month, or even longer depending on your taste.

Pasty Purple: I like the color at day one, but as I told you in the article of my Galaxy coloring process it's difficult to apply and melt. In the end I have the impression that it disappears quickly enough in the middle of the blue and pink over time. I won't do this color again I think. Or it's made to be the only color on the head, uniform.

Cynthia Cyclamen: I, who don't really like pink, I'm amazed by this color! It lasts a very long time (until then it’s even the best), while I applied it on my tired lengths. I really like its intensity and it looks very nice over the shampoos. This intense and deep pink becomes a very cute pastel. I highly recommend this shade for pink lovers and those who like not having to redo their color every month!

I now let you see the evolution of these two hair colors on video to give you a more precise idea of the result over time ;-)

Which color do you prefer among the 5 vegan colors in this article?

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