Jul 2, 2020

Post-apocalyptique romantique

I'm back today with the first real photoshoot since the end of quarantine. This time we're no longer in my garden but in a place where I've already done several looks, like Blair Witch and Steam Bad Girl!

I'm sharing a new look that also responds to the theme of the Fashion Oddity challenge of June. It also allowed me to wear for the very first time a set that I bought at least 2 years ago and which had remained in its box until then.
This destroy outfit is a creation of the famous alternative model Miss Overdose who, from time to time, sells old costumes of hers via auctions on Ebay. The crinoline I wear under the skirt comes from My Oppa. (This is part of the Red Riding Hood costume)
What I liked about this creation is the very destroyed but romantic aspect of the two items. A top visibly composed of skin-colored tights and a mid-short half-long skirt (my addiction) and its wonderful fabric. What give a look of warrior princess!

But I recognize that it's difficult to find the ideal moment to wear this outfit xD The top is not practical to put on because it's full of holes and not at all easy to decipher and as for the skirt it's extremely short and cannot be worn without a small bloomer underneath. (Which I didn't have for the shooting ^^ ’)

As always, here is the video of my look. Feel free to drop me a comment directly on my YouTube channel ;-)

What do you think?

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