Aug 19, 2020

Le grand débat des cuissardes !


There are things in the fashion world that have had a bad reputation since the dawn of time. Clothes, accessories, or even fabrics, that no matter how you wear them, will be labeled "vulgar" by many people.

We have, for example, the famous mini skirt, the essential neckline, the thong, but also everything made of vinyl / latex (because it has a sexual connotation, SM…), and of course: the waders! I never really understood the problem with these but I remember when I was growing up in the 90s my mom had a pair. (Made of a suede-like material) I really liked these shoes, sometimes I had fun putting them on even though they went up to my navel. But when my mother went out with these famous waders she was stared at by people - especially women!
Jealousy? Desire ? Or just collective social ideas, prefabricated and inked in the head so that we no longer know where they come from?
Unless like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" waders are synonymous with "prostitution"?

Finally, whatever the origin of this disenchantment, it is stupid to put labels without any context. Just like hearing someone says about a person dressed up in all black saying, "It looks gothic" when not at all. Can't we just be a little smarter? More open-minded?

In thirty years I have the impression that mentalities have not changed so much. And I sadly note that waders are still quite frowned upon by the general public. We still too often take the shortcut: woman who wears waders = seductress, provocative, even easy girl.


JeI bought these waders last year, these are my first ones because it is difficult for me to find suitable ones for my small size. (Most of the time it looks like tights on me xD)
I have the "audacity" to wear them with a high waisted puffy mini skirt (made to measure) and a sheer top, for a look that reminds me of a heroine straight out of a Japanese manga. Ah, and I almost forgot the fishnet tights!

Sheer top | Crazy In Love
High waist skirt | My Oppa (custom order)
Waders | Zalando (old collection)

What do you think ? Vulgar?
What is your opinion on the waders?

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