Sep 4, 2020

Dark blue

Until I can show you my purchases made during the summer sales (I had some problems with the video I made X.X), I show you a new look shot once again in my garden.

As you can see there is a big aesthetic bias in the photos. I wanted some changes in the rendering of my edits and a darker atmosphere too. As a result, this is no longer a "natural" aspect because the edit is obvious - which disturbs Monsieur Krevette a bit - but that doesn't bother me as long as it tells a story and it creates an atmosphere.
Anyway, you will probably have to get used to it ^^

My outfit :

I am wearing a checked blue maxi dress a bit “over size”. It doesn't show because I added a belt to "hide" this effect and accentuate my waist. I also wear a harness with chains for the rock'n'roll touch and finally a new hat... bought during the summer sales. So you can see it in advance xD
It's a comfortable outfit that is super fun to wear in summer! I especially love the sleeves and the fact that the dress falls right on my feet. (I am sometimes lucky despite my small size!)

Dress | Asos (-40% right now)
Faux leather belt | Shein
Harness | Rock’n’doll Store (also seen here)
Hat | Asos (similar here)

What do you think of this look? ^^

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