Sep 14, 2020

Wishlist anniversaire 2020 : Pourquoi que des fringues ?!

I'm back with my traditional birthday wishlist, the day before the big day. Maybe when you read these words, I'll be unwrapping my presents. I can't wait!

JI repeat it every year: the photo that illustrates this article is a little ritual on the blog. I wear (or hold in my hand) any gifts from my previous wishlist that I may have received... and when this is not the case, I end up naked ^^
You will therefore have understood that I haven't received anything (or bought later) from my 2019 wishlist. So let's hope that this one will be more successful.
On the menu, only clothes! Why ? Because I love it. Then I do whatever I want with my wishlist ^^ (Although I admit I don't really have room to put my clothes anymore. It's not an image or a way of speaking. With the house renovations the storage are restricted and with my purchases during the summer sales I have exhausted the limit of what is possible *crying*)

Anyway, let's move on to something nicer, my birthday selection:

Devil Fashion long dress

Punk Rave long skirt

Devil Fashion dress

Pirate top

Stripped skirt

Green dress

Punk Rave victorian jacket

Devil Fashion dress

Steampunk underbust

Steampunk top

Punk Rave black jacket

Punk mini skirt

Punk mini skirt

White blouse

Bardot top

What do you think?
Is there something you like too?

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