Nov 4, 2016

Rajout / headband : Un peu de fantaisie dans vos cheveux !

It’s been a while since this article should have been created but the condition of my hair didn’t allowed me to do it earlier. They needed to be repair ^^

But I’m finally here to tell you about a nice little project that started in may.
Underlying this project, the nice Fanny from the blog and her small creative hands. She contacted me to offer me a personalized partnership. Knowing already my blog, my little world and as source of ideas she wanted to design a hair clip extension just for me : lovely braids in the tone of my sunset hair (at least, at that time) embellished with steampunk gears ! :D

And let me tell you, when you’re contacted by someone who really cares and focus on your tastes and your little world it’s really enjoyable ! So I got very quickly in this journey.
Fanny was very attentive and showed me lots of samples explaining me how she would proceed and I was able myself to choose the kind of braid I wanted through her blog that lists multiple visual… I didn’t know there was so much possibilities.

Then, she did all the work and I just wait for the pretty package :-)

What’s nice, is being able to wear this accessory in two ways : either in hair extension or in headband.
I probably need more practice to make a great hairstyle with it but the fact is that it can easily embellish your hair ! Something original on your head but not something too much ^^

Here the colors are fluorescents but Fanny can create on demand and make a personal design with you too. Color, braids, length… you’ll define all that with her, see what’s possible to do. And that’s amazing !
That’s what I like with independent creators, we can reach them easily and discuss for a personalized product. And I like to spend my money with creative people who are not big brands that are manufactured in China. (But not that I’ve nothing “made in china” home)
Anyway ! I love this hair extension so much. I love these little steampunk gears that mingle with my hair even if they are with a different color today. (Couldn’t be able to do my “sunset” gradient again)

I suggest you to go on her blog and see all her creations (not just hair extension, but also jewels) and her online shop. (With all the prices)

Besides, she recently made an all new halloween hair extension which is soooooooo beautiful !!!! (Yes I admit it, I want it !) The braid is matched with dreadlocks on this one and I confess that I’ve always love that. At a time I wanted to have dreadlocks all over my head ^^

Anyway, enough about me.
What do you think ? Would you wear this accessory ?

PS: I’d like to thanks a lot Fanny for her huge patience (I received her package in august) and for her generosity. Also thanks her for the lovely post she wrote about me on her blog and this great project.
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