Nov 11, 2016

Petit détour par la Fashion Week de Paris

Since I’ve created this blog I’ve never talk about the Fashion Week. However I love this event and I love to watch it at home. (My dream would be to go there for real ^^)

And so this year I had a huge crush that I really need to share with you. The 2017 Alexander McQueen sping / summer collection ! (Yeah, we’re already thinking about good weather)

To be honest with you I’m already fond of McQueen. I’ve always loved his work which was often controversial in the fashion world. His audacity, his creativity. He has collaborated with artists I like so much as Bjork and I’m glad to see that even after his death, I can still be amazed by the McQueen House.

Inspired by the fauna and flora of the Shetland islands (In the north of Scotland) and its local craft, Sarah Burton brings out a stunning collection mixing at the same time traditional aspect, modernity and rock’n’roll. She uses for example the “taatit” pattern of the local bedspreads which were sewn together to symbolize the union.

A very inspired and full of History collection. And it’s surely what also makes it’s beauty.

Light, flowing, flowery dresses and lace ; Underlined by belts, harnesses and leather jackets. Or even tartan and kilts which were very dear to Alexander McQueen. And what about those jewels full of bells! Cuffs and chokers at once so much in the air of time and full of special cachet. Everything is there !
Sensuality, femininity but above all personnality. That's how I see this 2017 collection.

[ Indeed, you can imagine, haute couture is never vegan. Leather is invited in this collection and although it is against my principles I disregard this exceptionally to concentrate on the visual of the outfits ]

So in this kind of fashion show we can criticize several things : first too much banality (and it happens more often than one believes), but also and above all, too much extravagance with collections more worthy for a museum that "wearable" everyday.
It is sometimes difficult to find oneself, to juggle these borders and this collection is a perfect example of balance.

I absolutely love everything from this collection !

The cuts, with these puffy shoulders, the fine and transparent laces and all these details in the patterns of the fabrics! The more we look at each garment, the more we notice little things again and again as if the richness of this fashion show was inexhaustible.
I admire the colors, the matches, and especially in the choice of the shoes for the models: so rock'n'roll !
Everything is thought out from A to Z and each small detail contributes to the success of this spring / summer 2017 collection.

If my wallet allowed me I would throw myself on the jewels, harnesses, belts, jackets and some dresses of this fashion show ! And of course I would ask to replace the leather by a vegan one xD (The girl not bitchy at all)

And that’s it for the pictures. I took some of them directly via the Instagram account of Alexander McQueen because there were beautiful details in backstage. (The one in the warm tones)
Obviously, I’ve show you my favorite outfits but you can see the whole fashion show by searching on the internet. (Yes I don’t want to put some links lol)

What do you think of this spring / summer collection ?

Fan or not fan of the Alexander McQueen style ?

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