Jan 16, 2017

Gothique en converse !

Today I inaugurate my 2017 lookbook with a Gothic-inspired look.
So far, you’ve mainly seen steampunk influences (which I love), accompanied by some other punk, grunge or burlesque outfits, to finish with several looks impossible to label.

By the way, it’s funny when I think about it, to see that after 1 year and 8 months of existence, this blog hadn’t yet shoot a look inspired by the Gothic style. Perhaps because in recent years I have reconciled myself with colors. Yet it was the first alternative style that influenced my wardrobe when I was still in high school.

Anyway ! Back to an - almost - total look black, because black is essential in a dressing room ! And it's an easy color to wear.

This look consists of a long and beautiful lace-covered jacket from the brand Pentagramme. The sleeves are in transparency but as I wear a black sweater underneath it doesn't appears. It looks royal with its long train and this is what attracted me especially in this jacket.
And if this outfit please you, let me remind you that I’m selling it in my vide dressing ;-)
With that you probably recognized my underbust from Timeless Trend which I told you about here. I didn’t wait too long before wearing it for a look ^^
My skirt comes from Dracula Clothing. I have it for several years in my closet and by coincidence the website put it back in stock recently ! (It was a birthday present from Mister Krevette ^^) This outfit is really nice with its different layers of lace superimposed. The front and the back make a short skirt and it is on each sides that the skirt lengthens, it's so original !
Under my jacket I wear a small sweater from Pimpkie that I bought during the summer sales. I think it became my favorite sweater although it’s probably the least warm lol.
As accessory you may have noticed the Disturbia hair spikes that I presented to you here :D I tried to make a braid crown to be able to integrate the spikes but I think I need more practice, hehe.
And finally, I wear my “converse” thigh high boots ! I put quotation marks because they are not actually converse shoes, these come from the alternative brand RTBU. (Refuse To Be Usual)
They were inspired by the famous shoe and made these wonderful sneakers / thigh high boots. A mix beetween sexy, femininity and relaxed, comfortable. They are amazing ! And if in principle this type of shoe doesn’t go with the Gothic style, I think it works great with this look.
And then, it fits the season. These basket-boots allow me to keep my legs warm. (They are equipped with a zip so that - obviously – you don’t have to lace the tons of laces up the top of the leg every time you put them on !)

And now that you know all the detail of my outfits, I let you see the pictures ^^

So yes, it was SUPER cold during the shooting. (Grass is frozen if you pay attention) We've had quite a lot of cold in the north recently and I admit that it’s not what I prefer when it comes to shoot some looks for the blog. Long live winter ! xD
You will see in the video that follows, I spit white smoke like a dragon hehe.


Long lace jacket | Pentagramme (For sale in my vide dressing)
Small sweater | Pimkie (Old collection)
« Circus » underbust | Timeless Trend
Lace skirt | Dracula Clothing
« converse » boots | RTBU
Hair spikes | Disturbia at Lamoda


Red matte « Risque » eyeshadow | Concrete Minerals
Black matte « Jet » eyeshadow | Concrete Minerals
Lipstick « Deranged » | Black Moon Cosmetics

What do you think ? Do you like the Gothic style ?

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