Jan 21, 2017

Il Était un Vernis vous emmène au Cabaret !

Yes, I had a crush – again – for a collection from Il Etait Un vernis ^^
It's been over a year and a half now that I regularly introduce you the nail polish of this 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free brand created by two French bloggers fond of Nail Art. (For more information, go to the article : Vegan jusqu’au bout des ongles)

So you can imagine that by discovering the "Cabaret" theme of the winter collection I couldn’t resist !

This is a world I've always loved. Sensual and artistic, I even shoot a look inspired by the "burlesque" style in the early days of this blog.
So to match with my corsets and my frou-frous skirts, what better than beautiful nail polish ? ;-)
This new collection is therefore composed of 5 colors. (As usual) Sent with a nice "So cabaret" pouch if you were part of the first 100 orders. (Which I always do, lol)

We start with the black of the collection, whose little name refers to tattoos.
I didn’t have yet that color in my IEUV panoply. My « Light Box » (which you can see here) wasn’t an absolute black, so I'm glad they have released one ! To me, black nail polish is a must have. For most of my life, it was the only color I allowed myself to put on my nails ^^
Simple, but effective. Sexy and mysterious at once, like a beautiful lingerie.

Who says cabaret, also says red curtain ! So we obviously couldn’t escape this color.
And it doesn’t displease me. No fuss with this nail polish, it’s a pure and powerful red. With its discreet pink and orange glitters it’s very bright and intense. I find it nicely pigmented.
And what could be more glamorous than red ?

That’s the color that awaits you backstage. This beautiful pine green is an ode to the season itself.
For me, a fan of greens and bluish greens, I'm just crazy about it ! It’s magnificent ! IEUV often takes its inspiration from the “teal” color (a shade between green and blue colors) but they had never made such a deep green before.
Moreover, I am always surprised to see the extent of shades that Steph and come to offer around the same spectrum.

This is the vintage of the band, the one that looks straight out of an old theater.
Its golden appearance takes some time greenish reflections that gives it this old aspect, almost antique. And no cabaret without gilding and glitters, right ! This one was therefore essential to the collection.
And for me, however not very fond of gold, I like it very much. I’ve never had nail polish of this kind and it's pretty nice. It could be great for some Nail Art.

This is the big surprise of the collection !
This nail polish is very different. As you can see, this one is made of lots of small glitters, all, on a transparent basis.. Making it magical. Here I used it to make a gradient over the Hocus Pocus. Thus, we switch from black to gold through more or less dense layers of glitter !
I’d never done something like that before but it's super easy and fun. I love the result ! And we can imagine using this nail polish in many different ways. (You should see the pictures on their website !)
This chameleon nail polish is definitely in my top 5 !

I say it again, these nail polish are of great quality.
And even if you're not a defender of animal rights in your soul, buying a vegan nail polish won’t change your beauty habits.
Your nails will always be beautiful, but at least it won’t be at the expense of an animal.
Think about it. You have the power to gradually replace your cosmetics with this type of product.

At least I hope that by reading me here you'll want to try all these beautiful products :-)

So, do you like this Cabaret collection ?
Which one is your favorite ?

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