Jan 28, 2017

Darkrevette fait peau neuve

Hello everyone ! As you can see there was big changes on my blog. And it feels so good !
It’s kind of the same feeling as when you just leave the hairdresser's, with fresh new hair ^^

My previous design, although I loved it, was getting old. I always get tired of things and need novelty, so it was time for a change here !
I've been thinking about this for several months now with Mister Krevette. Fortunately he’s here because, without him all of this wouldn’t exist. He manages the technical part of the blog, making my wildest dreams come true ;-P

And when we work together, it looks like this :

1. I ask for the Moon
2. He answers me that I'm a little too excited and that it’s not possible
3. I think about other ideas
4. He finally managed to set up what I originally requested xD

Luckily it’s not always like this. Mister Krevette also brings ideas to the design of the blog. He easily sees the practical and technical side of things and I am very attached to the visual, the colors, the shapes : we complete each other perfectly.

But I let you discover all of this by yourself. Anyway, I hope that this new design will please you as much as it please me :-)

And see you soon for a new article, which I won’t tell you more !
Have a nice weekend.
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