Jan 31, 2017

L’aviatrice qui ne savait pas voler…

I'm back with the 1st Steampunk look of the year. I couldn’t resist any longer to shoot a new one. I must say that I'm in love with this jacket (also seen here) that I regularly wear for winter.

This time I wear it with an "aviator" hat, an accessory often used in the Steampunk universe. This is the first time I wear this kind of accessory and that's really nice ! It’s a big plus to the look.
And there’s another accessory that I love : the harness. It became essential and trendy for a long time now (more and more seen in lingerie for example) but I didn’t have one yet. Obviously, this one is in faux leather ^^ However it didn’t completely suited to my body shape despite the many holes that allow to adjust the width. It was Mister Krevette who played the couturier and completely readjusted the harness so it would be tailor-made. Not that he is familiar with sewing but to quote him :

« My job is already tinkering and fixing stuff. This is the same thing here, except that it’s with wire. »

I know what you’re all thinking girls, I'm very lucky ;-D

Anyway. I wanted a warm and comfortable Steampunk look. Both simple and original. And I'm so happy to have found the sweater of my dreams ! I could picture it in mind when composing this look but still had to find and buy it irl. And the magic came from Asos. A special "small" shape, just like the pants. (That you've already seen here)

And icing on the cake, the garter adorned with balls !

But as always, I let you discover the pictures of my new look. And there are a lot of pictures because I like it ^^

You'll have probably noticed, I wear a wig :-)
This one comes from another shop than the one you might see for the Princesse 2.0 look. . I took advantage of sales and buy 3 different wigs that you will discover soon. This one comes with a blunt fringe that I really like. I often want to have a fringe again but once done I want to remove it xD The wig is therefore the perfect compromise. In addition, this one is gorgeous !

But I let you see it more closely in my video !

"Rainstorm" wig | Black Candy Fashion
RQBL aviator hat | at Japan Attitude
Long jacket | Dracula Clothing (vu ici)
Harness | Japan Attitude
Sweater | Asos
Faux leather pants | Asos (seen here) (old collection)
RQBL garter | at Japan Attitude
Faux leather bag | old, old gift x')
Boots | Crazy In Love (seen here) Hurry they are only at 15€ !!

So, what do you think ? Fan or not fan of the aviator style ?

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