Feb 7, 2017

Mes dessins | Mes inspirations

This blog was created for almost 2 years now. Two years of countless drawings. (As a reminder, my gallery is here if you want to discover or rediscover my "Artwork")

These illustrations are very important to me. Even though I often wonder what I could draw to go with my articles x) This is a way for me to add some fantasy to the blog and to put more of my personality. They are not perfect but one thing is for sure : they are funny !
So today - after all this time spent with you - I wanted to tell you a bit more about my doodles, especially those "mini dolls" that illustrate most of my articles, revealing you how they were born.

What you see here are Jeff Thomas's drawings, a young American illustrator born in the United States in 1988.
These two little fellows, who have become very famous, or even viral, are called Pon (the yellow one) and Zi (the blue one).
At the time of their creation (around 2007) they were everywhere on the web ! A crush for many internet users, including me.

I was very inspired by these cute little guys.
I fell in love with the very basic shape of their bodies, the disproportionate size of their heads, their eyes so special and the little stories behind these two characters.

Very expressive and funny, almost like the chibis, the only thing they lacked in my opinion was hair xD

Although I began to draw them bald the very first times, as here :

These drawings are from January 2008. (Yes I brought out my old sketchbook ^^)
As you can see, I was very close to Jeff Thomas's style, even in the dialogues. It was exactly the kind of scenario he was writing.

And step by step I began to personalize them. To give them a little more humanity physically.
First by realistic skin tones but also - as I told you - by adding hair. (Yes, in my world bald people do not exist, niark !)
Over the years I took back these funny little guys. Until it becomes my own universe. Without hiding my love for Jeff's work or denying what inspired me initially. But when I draw today, I draw my "mini dolls". My own characters.

I do not have specific dates for the following drawings but it must date from 2010/2011 or so. (This blog was born in 2015 as a reminder)
It's obviously always based on my life (I'm so narcissistic !), except that for a long time my hair was black :-P And mister Krevette hadn’t his multi-colored mohawk.

I brought out old illustrations just for you ^^ And I'm really happy to share them with you ! (I still have many others but I didn’t want to drown this article in too many visuals. Maybe another time)

We can see some small differences with my recent drawings, mostly with the hands of the characters. For some of them I would find it ugly. And of course, a real change in the way I color my drawings now.
But it is always interesting to see the evolution of things. And I love to immerse myself in these illustrated moments of life. It's almost like watching old family pictures.

At least I hope that it will make you want to discover the many illustrations of Jeff Thomas if you don’t know his work yet. I put the link to his website here.
There are even products derived from Pon and Zi. (The plushies looks amazing, I'm a fan!)

Anyway I am delighted to finally have time to talk to you about this great artist who really influenced my drawings. Also glad to have shown you the first sketches of these "mini dolls" that you see everywhere here since the opening of the blog. It was important for me :-)

Art has always had a huge place in my life. Drawing has often been a way to express my feelings. I wouldn’t see Darkrevette without all these illustrations.

What do you think ?
Did you know Pon and Zi ?

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