Apr 4, 2017

Chignon rebelle

During winter sales I found this wonderful little green tartan skirt, a real crush ! I knew then that I would quickly make a look with it on the blog.

And there it is. With pockets (rare thing) and in a color that I love, this skirt - simple and classic - immediately gives a lot of style to any look. Obviously, in my case, I didn’t resist the call of punk.
Then what better than my perfecto to go with? And again, this is an outfit that everyone has in his dressing room. Same for my black top, clearly basic.

What gives an identity to this look are the accessories!

Ripped socks, fishnet stockings on one leg, a corset choker on my neck (GORGEOUS but so uncomfortable!!), rings and earrings with silver chain ... all together it “rebelise” my look. While my masterpieces without my accessories could have given something much wiser. A glamrock look rather than punk.

About the bag, Cristina Cordula (famous image consultant and presenter of a French TV show) would probably say that matching the pattern with that of the skirt is old-fashioned. But I found instead that the one sublime the other.

It's up to you to make your own opinion ^^

NB: Mr. Krevette took me to a crowded place, even if pretty. So it was a challenge to strike a pose while sometimes being watched by people, but I took on myself and I am rather proud to have done this shooting under these conditions.

That’s it for the pictures. Always 21 if you haven’t noticed xD In fact, I had difficulties to pick up those pictures for this look. All photos were nice. (Not to show off of course, lol)

And as a bonus, the video of the look. I haven’t seen the result yet so feel free to tell me what you think :D (Yes Mr. Krevette makes the videos because I have more difficulties to see myself in moving pictures)


Faux leather jacket Tripp NC | from Asos (old collection) [ also seen here ]
Tartan skirt | Jennyfer (old collection)
Ripped high socks GLP | Ebay
Banned bag | from Grungeboutik (old collection) [ also seen here ]


REGINA corset choker | Regal Rose
* Fish earring + * double ring | Bornpretty [ also seen here ]
Cross earring + black ring | Six (old collection)


Fondation | Kat Von D
Contour palette | LunatickLabs
"SORROW" lipstick | Blackmoon Cosmetics

Now you've seen it all! It feels weird to see myself with a bun, I never do that kind of hairstyle because I have thin hair so I find that it doesn’t suit me. But that's exactly how I pictured the look and not otherwise x)

So, what do you think? A favorite outfit?

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