Apr 12, 2017

DEANDRI : La boutique alternative et vegan !

Last year I found an alternative Californian shop + 100% VEGAN. Yes, you read that right. No need to tell you that this is for me the perfect combination!

As you can imagine, it’s already difficult for me to find clothes for my taste because of my love for the unusual. But when it happens to me, when I have a big crush on something, and then I read "real leather", it’s a heart-breaking! And it happens to me a lot. Pretty jackets, shoes, dresses, pants... I dare not look at the detail of materials.

And then one day I found the DEANDRI shop. I don’t exactly remember how I discovered it but when I realized that all the outfits were vegan, I was in heaven! :D
I then looked up every single thing on the website, wide-eyed, like a kid in a toy store. And my happiness increased when I saw the very reasonable price offered. (Not to mention the regular sales)

*Photos taken from Deandri's Instagram account

And what I mostly like about this shop (in addition to making great clothes without going through the slaughter of animals) is the diversity it promoted and diffused especially on social networks.
Because in the ‘alternative world’, it must be said, models are overwhelmingly white. (Not to say exclusively) And of course, as with any other brands, it’s the zero size that is highlighted.

But not at Deandri’s!
Very regularly you will see curvy people, black people. Whether official photoshoots brand or amateur photos taken by customers ^^

And I think it’s amazing! Their Instagram account is a feast for the eyes. We can feel a real desire to bring down the walls. Emphasis is also laid on the range of sizes offered by the site: from XXS to 5XL!
They don’t forget anyone. Everyone is beautiful, everyone can wear Deandri.
There is a real ethic behind this shop, a true moral sense that goes beyond capitalism. (Even if they’re still there to run their shop obviously)

In my opinion, Deandri is an example to follow

So I strongly advise you to add this brand to your favorites and take a look at their shop. Because as I said earlier, the prices are also very reasonable and there are always special sales. (At this very moment ^^)

Personally, I already have an extended wishlist at their shop x’D But I could remove two outfits from it. Indeed, I made my first order recently. And that's why I preferred to wait to tell you about this shop. Because although on paper Deandri is exemplary, I wanted to be able to assure you of the quality of its products.

So let's go!


We start with the skirt that I’ve been dying for, for months. You must have realized by now about my love for the tartan. (As in my last look ^^)

Well-this time it's in a bolder color: yellow! And that's especially what I liked about this skirt. That and the high waist! Really like a kilt, it fully opens and closes via the small vegan leather belt, sewn on each edge. The advantage of this system is that it allows the skirt to be hyper adjustable! Even if you take a little weight you can still wear it without problems ;-)

And if I made you several close-ups, it’s to show you the quality of the fabric and seams. No excess thread! The folds of the skirt are perfect and the skirt is comfortable.


It continues with an accessory that I’ve always love: the collar choker :-)

I already have a black satin adorned with spikes collar, that you might see on the Princess 2.0 look (Pan collar) This time it is a 100% vegan leather look and a totally different cut. With the icing on the cake, the metal ring!
The material is really nice, not cheap at all. The collar is adjustable on the back, that’s why it’s sell in one size.

It's this kind of detail that adds originality to your looks.


The products received are up to my expectations and what is described on the site. They are quality and I have no unpleasant surprises regarding sizes. (I relied on their detailed charter and it fits perfectly ^^)
So my opinion about the brand has not changed. I confirm that I love it for what it stands for and what it sells. And again, I recommend it.

Anyway, I hope that if you didn’t know Deandri’s shop it was a good discovery for you ;-)

See you soon !
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