May 29, 2017

Des ongles prêts pour les vacances !

Since it's been a long time, I’m proposing today a new seasonal nail art. The latest being the Christmas one... yes, time is flying!

In fact I did it on a whim, late Thursday afternoon. I was torn between intense laziness that had elected domicile in me and this idea rather precise gnawing at my brain. And as you can see, the brushes won ^^

I confess that the result is below my expectations, but since I practice only once every 5 months I should perhaps be reviewing my requirements downward. Anyway. The idea is there and I find the atmosphere rather nice in picture!
Big simplified and funny bees, really simple to realize (although my stripes are not straight enough), as well as tiny flowers otherwise my bees will be sad. I wanted to have a "nude" part on the other fingers to prevent visual overloading and because I found it prettier and more natural.

I let you dissect the video. And if you have any advice for me I'm all ears ;-)
Note: Of course I do not paint with acrylic directly on the nail, I first put a layer of clear nail polish to protect it.

About the flowers, I wanted a lighter purple, it would have been nicer I think. Or you can also imagine white flowers to imitate the natural color of the bottom of the nail. It’s up to you.

So, want some bees on your nails?

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