Sep 8, 2017

On n’en a jamais trop !

Today I’m coming back with a partnership. And you’ve probably guessed it, we'll talk about lingerie again. I can’t help myself, I love that ! But as the french title says, we never get too much. (Well, my closets tell me the opposite I admit...)

In late June I was asked by PPZ brand, which I didn’t know at all. This is the bonus when you have a blog, it allows you to constantly discover new things ^^
Created in 2001 in Michigan (USA), the brand's slogan is "Life Just Loves Yourself" and intends, through this, to help more women to express enthusiasm and vigor in life.
Thus, their website offers good basics and bet on guaranteed values. Girly or sexy sets, shapewears, yoga pants and night dresses, almost everything is there. Yes almost because as greedy as I am, I’m tempted to say that the choice is not yet wide enough :P

Anyway ! PPZ generously offered me to choose a set on their website. I hesitated a long time between two very beautiful outfits: a burgundy and a dark blue. I finally choose the burgundy but it was no longer available so it’s the blue one that ended up in my basket. And I have no regrets.

The bra is very beautiful, even prettier in real because we are more aware of the materials, especially these little rhinestones on the lace. I did not pay attention to this detail on the website (rather discreet on the photos) but once I received the package I saw the bra shine in my hands. I am however not very fond of glitters but I love this here. It's tone-on-tone, discreet but visible enough to sublimate the bra.
Plus, the shape is gorgeous ! This is a push-up bra, my chest doesn’t really need it but it does its job at 200%. I have a very generous chest with this set! And above all, I like the fact that there is length under the chest.
The back is totally transparent, with lace. It's very sensual. I was although surprised by the elasticity of the bra by putting it on. There is only one fastener but this is not inconvenient since it remains adjustable. The elasticity also adds a bit of comfort I think.

The bad point is the panties. I took the size I usually wear but it’s tight. I think it is because it is low waist, something I don’t really like x) But the other option was a thong and for me it’s worst lol.
I still get in it obviously, you see in the pictures, but the cut makes me less comfortable. The panties is totally transparent, that's why I can’t show you it all. (I advise you to look at the photos of the website)

To conclude I really love the gorgeous bra and its color that don’t have much in my drawers. It will even become one of my favorite!
I'm less fan of the panties but it's a matter of taste.
I like the materials and I found the set rather beautiful. Flawless in its fabrication. I might be tempted one day by the burgundy set that I liked too ^^

What do you think ?

Bra | PPZ
Panties | PPZ

PS: I took a little weight, especially at the hips. My belly is no longer that flat and my butt begin to no longer like the XS size x’)
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