Sep 14, 2017

Le rituel de la wishlist anniversaire : la revanche !

Once more, I’m about to turn 21 on this little planet. Tomorrow, if you want to know everything. September 15th is a pretty nice date when you think about it, it's right in the middle of the month. It seems, moreover, that I wasn’t in a hurry to get out of my cocoon, surely because I was comfortably settled there ^^

Anyway ! (I love saying that) For those who were not there in previous years I guess I have to explain my photo... without context it may seem normal. Well, weird.

My idea of last year was simple and fun. Because it was becoming difficult to figure out how to illustrate my birthday wishlist years after years I thought it was necessary to somehow « connect » them to each other. So, in September 2016, I took the pose with everything I had received from my 2015 wishlist :D
As I always add clothes to my lists, The result was crazy and very fun because I wear all of my wishlist outfits at once. I decided then to make it a tradition by specifying this:

« no I won’t be naked on my blog if next year I have nothing from today’s wishlist... Mr. Krevette has already asked me »

So here I am ! This is the result ! x’D (Of course I’m wearing nude underwear) I received all the makeup I wanted to have last year but it doesn’t cover much of my skin as you can see xP
So let’s hope this new wishlist won’t leave me so undressed next year!


Belladonna RQBL black shirt from Fantasmagoria

Belladonna RQBL white shirt from Fantasmagoria

Green blouse from Crazyinlove

Melisandre black shirt from Fantasmagoria

Mistressa top from Fantasmagoria

Lady Holmes black underbust from My Oppa

Steamgirl shirt from Fantasmagoria


Steampunk dress from Fantasmagoria

Dress from Crazyinlove


Steampunk skirt from My Oppa


Abigale underbust belt from Fantasmagoria

Choker from Crazyinlove

Bees choker from Fantasmagoria

Compass wristband from Fantasmagoria

Steampunk pocket from Fantasmagoria

Steampunk sleeve from Fantasmagoria


Kat Von D tatoo liner from Sephora

Kat Von D concealer from Sephora

Kat Von D setting powder from Sephora

Kat Von D brightening powder from Sephora

Voilà ! Still a lot of clothes but what do you want? It's a passion ^^

But even a small thing can makes me very happy. As lately, the Raving Rabbids assortment 4-color pen and critérium that Mr. Krevette found on Amazon. I’m fond of these crazy characters.

On this, I'm going to cry about getting older and let you tell me what’s your favoite of my tiny selection (mostly Steampunk) ;D
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