Oct 11, 2017

Dresslily : ma première expérience

Several weeks ago I was contacted by Dresslily’s e-shop. They offered me to choose anything I’d like on their website for a given amount. It was an opportunity for me to test this shop that I only knew by name.

But first of all I had to visit their e-shop. I don’t accept every partnerships that are sent to me because they must look like me. I must be able to find my style, my personal tastes in it. So I took my time to look at their website and I was delighted to see that the choice was wide.

So today I’m gonna show you the clothes I’ve chosen and later I would do an article about accessories ;-)

I love blouses, even more when the sleeve cut is a bit puffy, a bit retro. Moreover they are slited, I think it adds originality to the outfit. And then you know it now, I'm a big fan of green! So I didn’t resist it when I saw it on the website.
My first concern was about the fabric. The website says "chiffon", and you can see nice transparency parts on the outfit and the fabric appears light and fluid. Then the color. Would the blouse be true to the photos or not?

As you see in my pictures the result is not bad at all :-)
The color (ok, it is difficult in picture because I don’t have the same lighting level) is similar to the one at Dresslily. A beautiful green that I like. As for the fabric I am pleasantly surprised. I love the transparency on the sleeves and back. It is pleasant to wear, lightweight, supple. The finishes are successful, the seams clean without any wires that exceeds. It’s a nice blouse and for cheap.
My only regret is that the sleeves are surely a bit long for me so the slots open more than on the model of the website xD But it’s me who is tiny so I do not blame Dresslily.
It is a beautiful outfit that I am delighted to have in my closets. I have even worn it several times.

This type of clothing shouldn’t surprise you from me ^^ Yet I hesitated to take it as the website only show it on a hanger and I hate not to see the outfit worn by somebody. It does not put me in confidence.
But I found this sweater very cute. First its color that I didn’t have at all in my dressing then all these ripped parts (obviously) and finally its asymmetrical cut. And then it's seasonal, so let’s do the test.
My worries were many, I didn’t know what to expect at all.

But as you can see, the sweater I received is identical to the pictures. Including this particular color a kind of chocolate milk. I love this autumnal color! :D Also faithful to the website, the rips are everywhere. On the front, with a doubling, as on the sleeves. The only "real" rips through which you can put your fingers are those on the back.
What is unfortunate is all the broken "wires" hanging on each side. Especially those on the sleeves that have very badly held. It makes the effect less "ripped" even more fringe finally. I think that washing will have to favor the softness of the hand and forget the washing machine.
It remains a comfortable, warm and a bit punk sweater! I don’t regret my choice again.


Dresslily is for me a good discovery. The two tops I bought correspond in all points to the photos and descriptions of the site, and I had no problems of size. I like the fabrics and I think that for small prices the finishes are very good. I even think we could find these same clothes in store, more expensive, but without not more qualitative.
Anyway when ordering from a website like Dresslily we know where we're headed and that's not necessarily a bad plan.
It's up to you to test, and see you later for accessories ;-)

* Green chiffon blouse | Dresslily
* Ripped sweater | Dresslily
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