Oct 24, 2017

Halloween nail art : Frankenstein vous passe le bonjour !

Not surprisingly, the blog takes Halloween colors. Whatever, this is the first time I really have the opportunity to do anything on the subject here. So today I’m going to show you a nail art, and few days later, I’ll show you a makeup tutorial I filmed last Sunday. (Time for me to edit the video and make my drawings)

As always, I opted for an easy nail art with basic shapes since I'm a beginner. So nothing complicated if you want to do the same on your nails. Strokes, triangles, circles ... a breeze!
For the colors I wanted to avoid the orange. Then you know it by repeating myself on the blog: I love green! Frankenstein was quickly obvious to me ^^
I was inspired by various tips found on Google Image. (What I do every time I want to start a new nail art by the way)

The result is not as perfect as I’d have liked but it's nice to watch anyway ^^ I love the colors and the funny and childish face of Frankenstein. It's totally me !

So I suggest you a little tutorial video so you can have an idea of how I’ve proceed. But as I said above, it's pretty basic. It's within everyone's reach ;-)

I'm glad to have finally find the time to do an Halloween nail art! I wanted to try that for a long time. (And doing it out of the October period didn’t inspire me at all, I have trouble doing things in advance and out of sync xD)

As always, don’t hesitate to tell me what you think in comments ;-)
And if you also have done an Halloween nail art, leave me your links that I see it!

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