Oct 4, 2017

Krevette in Wonderland

Hello everyone ! We start October with a new look. I’m aware that it could almost looks like an Halloween costume but it wasn’t my original intention. (I hoped to post this article last month, ahah xD) But of course you can see it as an Halloween outfit, it matches too.

It all begins with this checkerboard pattern skirt that I have in my closets for almost 10 years. (I buy a lot of clothes that's true, but I keep them for a long time! ^^) I hadn’t yet shoot a look with and I wanted to wear it back. Surprisingly, all the other outfits I’m wearing with this skirt has come to me instantly!

First the beautiful underbust I’d worn for the look "Gothique en converse". I thought that the mix stripes / checkerboard would be super fun visually. And my precious red top from MyOppa came to finish the set.

Looking at me in the mirror I thought of Alice in Wonderland. These colors, these geometries that mix ... then I decided to push more in this direction. (With the makeup and the hat) However I have a complicated relationship with this masterpiece. It has traumatized my childhood and even today, I can’t watch the latest film adaptations. I’s a very scary world for me, even as a cartoon. (I had the videotape when I was a child, wondering if it wasn’t my punishment when I was not wise lol. Yes I said "videotape", do not laugh! Shh)

So I bought black and white "diamond" stockings to add an extra geometric pattern (not even scared!) And I took out my superb Iron Fist red platforms that have a name matching the theme, "Nightmare".

Finally, the "(mad) hatter" hat you can see on my head was entirely made by Mr. Krevette himself! ^^ He wished to add this accessory to the look and wanted to do it himself through tutorials on the internet. And I must say it's awesome! Thank you Doudounet =3

I hope you also love the atmosphere of these photos! We went mad with Mr Krevette ^^ I love the result anyway. It’s a beautiful shooting. With style!
The adventure continues now in video, always with this magical blue forest.


Mad Hatter Hat | Home made
Red top | MyOppa (Customized order)
*Underbust | Timeless Trend [Also seen here]
Skirt | Hell Bunny (Old collection)
« Diamond » socks | Aliexpress
« Nightmare » shoes | Iron Fist [Also seen here and there]


Fondation | Kat Vond D
Contour + blush | Lunatik Cosmetic Labs
Concealer | Kat Von D
Eyeliner | Kat Von D « Tatoo liner »
Eye shadow | Concrète Minerals

So, what do you think ? Everyday clothing or Halloween costume?
And do you like my make-up*?

*Make-up inspired by this video
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  1. * Passe discrètement faire du repérage ^^ *

    1. Très discrète même vu que tu passes sur la version anglaise du blog xP


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