Oct 30, 2017

Halloween makeup : ne jamais mettre la tête dans le broyeur !

As promised I'm back for a halloween makeup! Well ... I know we’re the day before D-day but as the saying goes: better late than never.

My initial idea was to have some bloody wounds on a part of my face but I put so much paper tissue with my liquid latex that my skin seems "burned" in addition to my injuries. I’d have preferred that it doesn’t make this effect but hey, i'm a beginner.
Finally it’s still a nice gore makeup. I love doing bloody and scary stuff. (Although I'm a true fearful one xD)

For the occasion I even bought white contact lenses, I wanted to make things big. I’d never worn lenses before and to be honest, this little adventure didn’t go very well x) So the white eye that you see is photoshoped. (Thank you Mr Krevette ^^)
Anyway ! For this makeup, nothing really complicated. A bi of liquid latex on which you add paper tissue to give the thickness that will make your "new skin" and a bit of makeup to make the fondation, the wounds and fake blood obviously!

I let you watch the video to give you a better idea of how to proceed ;-) (It’s longer than I usually do)

(Makeup / special effects 100% vegan)

Liquid latex | Mehron
Fake blood | Mehron
Celebre contour HD cream palette | Mehron
Paradise makeup AQ | Mehron
Pro Matte eyeshadow red + black | Concrète Minerals
Fondation | Kat Von D
Blush + contour | Lunatick Cosmetic Labs

This is the first time I film a halloween makeup, I hope the result is not too bad. Feel free to give me your opinion here or on Youtube. (And it's still time to subscribe to my channel if it's not already done ^^)

For my part I had fun doing it, even if it was exhausting xD I’ve always love « artistic » makeup, it’s impressive when it’s done by professionals.

What do you think?
What's your plan for Halloween?

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